About project
It has been already the 6th issue of the GAGAMODELS calendar, which was initially created in 2014, out of love for photography.  Up till now we have presented the beauty of our models captured on the black-and-white images. 

This year, for the first time the calendar will include not only photographs. We have invited thirteen different Artists to work on the latest project. We endeavoured to make femininity and art become leitmotif. Within the latest issue of the calendar, you will stumble not only onto work of outstanding photographers but also illustrators, graphic artists and poster designers. We have created extraordinary collages and illustrations combined with photographs depicting our models. Moreover we have introduced the colour, accompanied by an increase in number of artistic work so that everyone should find something of interest in it. Another novelty of this coming issue is the work of children with complex disability – the wards of I CAN DO MORE Association. 

The circulation of the calendar is very limited - it is exclusively published in a number of a hundred copies. This time we bet on smaller format, enclosed in an elegant, hand-made wooden frame. 

Ever since the beginning, all profits from the calendar have gone to charity. To this very moment, every person contributing to this calendar’s creation has collaborated with us pro bono. Thanks to you and your support, we can help together!    
Opening illustration: A. Halarewicz

JANUARY / photo / model / illustration: A. Kulesza & Ł. Pik / Maya / Barrakuz
FEBRUARY / photo / model: M. Rudnik / Asia
MARCH / illustration: D. Ryski
APRIL / photo / model / illustration: J. Szymański / Gabi / Halarewicz
MAY / photo / model: M. Rudnik / Livka
JUNE / illustration: A. Halarewicz
JULY / photo / model: J. Szymański / Julie
AUGUST/ photo / model / illustration: A. Kulesza& Ł. Pik / Angel / Barrakuz
SEPTEMBER / illustration: A. Walijewski
OCTOBER / photo / model: J. Szymański / Gabi
NOVEMBER / illustration: Veronifikacja
DECEMBER / photo / model: V. Gelwich / JAC

Art Direction:: Katarzyna Sawicka