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This is the seventh issue of the GAGAMODELS calendar, which was initially created in 2014 out of our love of photography. We decided to play with the number 4 which happens to be this year’s edition keynote due to the date of 2020 = 2+0+2+0 = 4

4 seasons
4 photographers and their muses
4 covers

Four unique views and ways of seeing the world show us the incredible sensibility of people we have invited to cooperate. Not only have we achieved the desirable effect, we have created something more, something special. We are amazed by the diversity of the photographs.

The calendar is being published in limited, exclusive form with a circulation of one hundred copies. This year’s form differs from the previous ones. The frame gives an opportunity to present two photographs at the same time. Cover of particular season can be exhibited together with a month card, which can also be replaced by a number of photographs that will stimulate our senses. This is the first time when the calendar has been produced in two colours: gold and black.

Ever since the beginning, all profits from the calendar have been donated to charity. To this very moment, every person contributing to this calendar’s creation has collaborated with us pro bono. Thanks to your support together we can help others in need.
We kindly encourage you to support the I CAN DO MORE Association for Children with Complex Disability by making a bank transfer.

Thank you very much for your support.

I CAN DO MORE Association for Children with Complex Disabilities
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