About project
Made out of love for photography

”I have always been in love with photography. When I was in my primary school I have spent most of my spare time in a photographic darkroom. My love for the work of Avedon, Lindberg, and Roversi is what gave birth to the idea of creating something unique.” — Kasia Sawicka

We have drawn inspiration to create the first issue of the calendar from Karl Lagerfeld’s “Little Black Jacket”. Allured by the aesthetics of the book and its atmosphere, as well as the highest quality of print, this is the fourth time we have collaborated with the biggest talents to create a thing of beauty. Each edition has had its own theme, and after dressing our girls in black jumpsuits, capturing their portraits, and having them borrow white shirts from their boyfriends, the time has come to invite them to the Hotel Rooms.

The circulation of the calendar is very limited. Every year we have exclusively published it in a number of a hundred. Each piece has a hologram signage to prove its uniqueness. Ever since the beginning, all profits from the calendar have always gone to charity. From beginning to this very moment, every person contributing to this calendar’s creation has collaborated with us pro bono. Thanks to you we can help.

During the first two issues we have worked with thirteen photographers. Each of them created a single page in the calendar, which together created an aesthetic feast for the eyes. The third and fourth issue involved the work of a single photographer, exclusively creating a whole
of a calendar. Thanks to this, the calendar is a story of itself, which created by a single person, provides an even higher level of unity.

We wish you the best of experience in our Hotel Room.
Photo: Will Vendramini
JANUARY - Model: Ala
FEBRUARY - Model: Eliza
MARCH - Model: Sara
MAY - Model: Gaja
APRIL - Model: Marti
JUNE - Model: Bree
JULY - Model: Julia
AUGUST - Model: Alicja
SEPTEMBER - Model: Ava
OCTOBER - Model: Livka
NOVEMBER - Model: Zuza
DECEMBER - Model: Hania
Art Direction: Katarzyna Sawicka
Graphic Design: Tom Biskup
Special thanks to:
Hotel Bristol – a Luxury Collection Hotel – Warsaw
Monika Jac Jagaciak
Paweł Walicki
Maciej Butrymowicz